What is a smart home system and how to install it

Why the Smart Home system is needed and what its advantages are not known to many people. Innovative developments help owners with everything from tracking the house to reminders to turn off the iron from the socket. The intelligent sensor system located in an apartment is called Smart Home. It can be sensors: light, humidity, motion.

Smart gadgets today help you keep your house under control and keep everything under control. Hosts can program the sensors to work in the desired mode – the air in the room will warm up at a given time, the light will turn on and the water will warm up. Hosts can set settings remotely through the application, and keep an eye on what is happening in the house. For example, while at work, you can use the application to set the settings for heating the apartment and from work to come to a warm room.

Savings of up to 60% and maximum comfort

With a smart home, you can save up to 60% on electricity costs, and up to 50% on heating a private home. The lighting in the room will be switched off if a person is not in the room for more than 5 minutes. Such systems are installed in large houses and penthouses, less often – in apartments. The main protection of “smart home” is the alarm system. The owner receives a notification on his smartphone in case of intrusion, the apartment can block the exit, the siren or loud music. Software functions are chosen by the owner. 

TV, computer or speaker can also be connected to a single system “Smart Home”, it informs the owners about receiving incoming emails, music is turned on at a given time. Sensors that monitor humidity in the house, notify of changes in temperature and humidity levels. The Temperature and Humidity Sensor does this with maximum precision thanks to Sensihon technology. The error rate is 3%.

The Smart Home project is created according to the individual request of each customer, then the specialist selects the required sensors. It is better to install it during repairs – then it is clear where to hide the wires. The Smart House concept is designed by trained specialists in the field. An ordinary electrician will not be able to handle such a task, and the customer is even more so. Installation companies provide warranty service, but the choice of the company must be taken seriously. Choose experienced firms with experience of 5 years and more to be sure of the quality of the work you are paying for.

Why do you need a smart home system?

Let’s assume that your home is equipped with all possible devices and high-tech “lotions” that allow you to adjust your home to your own needs and according to your preferences: air conditioning, robot vacuum cleaner, sensor tap to save water, etc. But! And this is not the top comfort! We bring to your attention the indispensable system “Smart Home”. Forget about the stereotype that scares away many of us from such benefits of civilization. No more help from professional programmers and specialized knowledge will be needed. After all, any average PC user can manage the settings and functions of Smart Home!

How to install and configure the system Smart Home

  1. You have to buy a set of equipment.
  2. With the use of the instruction we carry out installation of cables (they can be laid in one channel with the electrical wiring).
  3. Provide Wi-Fi access point and download software for your smartphone operating system.
  4. Set it up and… – that’s it!

You can also take advantage of smart home installation services and call in specialists to install the system. This will help you speed up the process and get it right.