How to find real, live followers on Instagram

In earlier times, people kept diaries in which they wrote about their impressions, thoughts and could later reread and remember. Back then, the entries were kept on paper. Then with the development of Internet technology people began to keep diaries on special sites on the Internet. Now most users have “moved” to Instagram. And if you regularly narrate the events in your life, then you can be awarded the title of “blogger”. On how to become popular in this area we will tell you below.

Secrets of popularity in Instagram

  1. The most important thing is interesting content. It is not necessary for the publications to be out of the ordinary. There are a number of well-known bloggers who narrate quite ordinary lives, but they do it in such a way that it is interesting for subscribers to watch and wait to continue.
  2. Surely you have your idols among this trend, so feel free to borrow ideas. After all, until you try different styles, you’ll never be able to find your own.
  3. When you have decided on a theme, try not to switch to other areas. That is, if you publish posts about interesting places and travel, then it will not be appropriate to write about queues in clinics. The audience will be waiting for something else. Although sometimes it is even useful to dilute the content, the main thing in moderation.
  4. Try to make new publications regularly. This does not mean often, several times a day – users will get bored and start unsubscribing. The optimal solution is 3-4 times a week. That way you can take beautiful pictures and make up a nice description text, so people will be interested to read it.
  5. At the start of your blogging you can use paid services where you can buy subscribers to Instagram, such as This will give a small start in the promotion, the main thing is that it works only if the content is really interesting. Then users will not see an empty counter and will be more willing to subscribe. Just remember that you need to be very careful when choosing a resource.
  6. Create polls and voting. It activates the public, because it’s nice when someone is interested in your opinion. In addition, some of your subscribers will get excited and write their opinions in the comments.
  7. Careful with selfies. Of course it’s important for people to know their hero in person, but it’s still more interesting for them to see the overall content, not just your personal photos.
  8. The overall concept of the page should look coherent. Photos should preferably be made in a single style and once you pick up the ideal format, try to stick to it.
  9. And one more important point: the time at which your publication goes online. The best time is morning, when everyone wakes up or takes the subway, lunch, and after 10 p.m. But posting a photo at 6-8 p.m. is not advisable because that’s when most postings are made, and your post will quickly go downhill.

Buying followers on Instagram

Unfortunately, most users, instead of immediately buy live instagram followers on a commercial site, try to perform a search for followers on their own. More often than not, this does not lead to the best results:

  • Guarantees – making an order on a large service that takes care of its good name, you get a package of guarantees, which you can always use in case of anything to use.
  • Again, on large sites, payment for the order is made through large systems, where cheaters simply will not pass the security check. Consequently, the risk of falling for dishonest sellers is minimized.
  • People who have been selling subscribers for more than a year know and will tell you how to buy Instagram subscribers safely for your account.

So if you want to find followers on instagram free, make sure you are aware of all the tips.