How can an employment lawyer help?

It often happens that an employer, having decided to reduce costs, decides to do so by dismissing employees, and not always following the procedure and guarantees specified in the labor law. Also, there are not isolated cases of non-payment of wages, which violates the rights of an employee. Not everyone can and will want to understand the details of labor legislation and competently defend their interests, many people are not even aware of their rights and guarantees. Therefore, the assessment of the situation is determined by an experienced disability discrimination lawyer who will be able to understand the prospects of the case and options for further action.

A labour dispute is a complex procedure that has many points. Any action should be taken only after consultation with a specialist. In addition to direct representation of interests in labour disputes in courts, the lawyer will provide qualified assistance in any matter of labour legal relations.

For the protection of their rights in an employment dispute, please contact a specialist! Work of an experience and professional knowledge make it possible to achieve the desired result with the guaranty. The right to work is provided by the legislation and is regulated by many legal acts. Despite this, labor legal relations do not always go smoothly. There are cases of misunderstanding with the employer or deception by the employer. Proper actions in protecting the rights and interests in the labor dispute will achieve the desired result and save you from the nervousness and loss of time.

Having ordered the service of protection of your interests in a labour dispute with a lawyer you get a number of advantages:

  1. Save your time and nerves;
  2. Representation of interests is carried out by specialists who have the necessary experience in such cases;
  3. High chances to get the result you need.

You can try to resolve issues with the employer independently, but it is better and more reliable to attract to the solution of this issue specialists with experience and deep knowledge of labour legislation. We do not dissuade you from the option of independent actions, but the independent decision of the labour dispute is: 

  • the risk of taking steps that may weaken your position;
  • it is possible not to get the result you need;
  • the likelihood of missing procedural deadlines.

What is included in the services of a lawyer

  • analysis of case materials, formation of the client’s legal position in order to develop the most effective line of protection of interests;
  • preparation of a package of documents for appeal to the court or the commission on labour disputes;
  • representing the interests of the client during court sessions and meetings of the labour dispute commission;
  • preparation and submission of petitions, reviews, objections and applications;
  • monitoring the implementation of decisions and judgements of labour courts and labour dispute commissions.

The lawyer will assist you in the following areas:

  • disputes on reinstatement in the workplace;
  • disputes over the date and wording of the reasons for dismissal;
  • disputes about transfer to another job;
  • disputes on payment for forced absenteeism;
  • disputes on reinstatement at work;
  • disputes on compensation for damage caused by an employee;
  • appeal against the refusal to hire;
  • disputes on the recovery of severance pay;
  • disputes about non-payment of wages;
  • disputes on situations arising in the course of employment under an employment contract between individuals.

So if you want to receive qualitative support in legal questions, it is better to address to New York employment attorney