Different strains of cannabis, elite seeds

When you want to buy cannabis, you will first need to select specific strains. There are many types of cannabis from strongest sativa strains to ruderalis. There are also some elite seeds that cannabis connoisseurs may like. In this article we will look at all of these categories, so it will be easier for you to choose your cannabis type.

When do you need cannabis strains with a dominant sativa?

Sativa marijuana strains are the right choice when you need them:

  • to cheer up quickly and regain cheerfulness;
  • to get rid of the powerlessness and apathy;
  • to gain self-confidence and feel a burst of energy;
  • to get a boost of creative energy;
  • to forget about complexes for a while and dump the load of problems;
  • to be more open, friendly and sociable.

Strains with a high content of sativa are often available in the first aid kit of people of creative professions: artists, artists, musicians.

What is ruderalis?

Ruderalis, or hemp, is a unique wild marijuana. It contains little THC, so it can be considered useless for personal and medical purposes. In terms of chemical composition, wild marijuana is closest to its technical “relative” of sativa strains, which, like ruderalis, has no effect on human consciousness or physical condition, is used for technical purposes. The bushes are often not too high. Leaves in ruderalis are small and rare when compared to indica, sativa.

The effect of ruderalis

Because of the size and reduced THC content of ruderalis cannabis mentioned earlier, its use as a stand-alone product makes no sense. The desired effect of ruderalis, if it does occur, will be little noticeable. Thanks to the active development of hemp farming, new hybrid hemp strains with ruderalis inclusion and strong impact are created. This gives a combination of advantages – the properties of autocolour with high levels of CBD and THC.

Which is stronger, indica or sativa strains?

It is impossible to say for sure, because they affect a person differently. The first species affects more the physical, and the second one affects the nervous system and consciousness. The extent of the impact depends on the data declared by seedbank on the final product when properly grown and processed. There is no need to rely on a widespread belief in what and how indica and sativa use is expressed. After a few puffs of sativa food, there is no reason to laugh. This effect is characteristic of the pure form, but only hybrids are common.

What happens if you mix indica and sativa?

At the genetic level, breeders constantly perform this operation to produce new, improved hybrids. When it comes to consumption, most practitioners argue in favour of enhancing the effect.

Elite hemp seeds

The entire cannabis seed base of the elite class is divided into 2 large groups:

  • Feminine, or feminized strains.
  • Feminized autoflowering.

Feminized elite marijuana strains grow into female plants with proper cultivation and care. Grovers estimate all properties of such plants in times higher in comparison with usual hemp cultures. Feminas give off their inflorescences 2 months after the seeds are planted. Such bushes are the best choice for novice hemp breeders, as they give quick results.

Elite cannabis seeds: what is it?

Elite class seed is the purest material for growing marijuana. It is stable in germination, gives more hardy shrubs with high yields and an end product with a high active ingredient content. The difference between elite and conventional seeds lies in several facts:

  • complete aging before harvesting;
  • storage with strict adherence to all conditions (temperature, humidity, period);
  • protection against all kinds of pathogens and mould;
  • planting not later than the 16th month of storage;
  • impeccable genetics.

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