Bernie Sanders 101: The Joe Rogan Interview You Should Watch If You’re Wondering What All The Fuss Is About

And that train wreck shows no signs of getting any less spectacular, with American politicians and hopefuls jockeying for the 2020 presidential elections, just over a year away.

The Democrats, who simultaneously shot themselves in the foot, face and other bits by pre-selecting Hillary Clinton to take on Donald Trump (in the face of substantial electoral support for Bernie Sanders) look likely to do the same thing again for the 2020 election, with early popular party support falling in behind former vice president, Joe Biden.

Of course, support from the American people doesn’t necessarily follow party lines, and this lengthy interview with Bernie Sanders by American podcaster Joe Rogan shows why.

Of all the media Sanders has done in the past few years, this probably sums him up better than any other… and most notably, highlights the difference between Sanders and Trump. Enjoy.