The effect and results of taking Testosterone Bayer

Testosterone Depot is a renowned hormonal preparation with mild anabolic and androgenic effects, equal to each other. It contains the active ingredient testosterone propionate , also known as ” Propic “. Testosterone Depot was synthesized and released by the pharmaceutical company ” Schering ” (Germany), which is still producing this steroid. Bayer Testosterone Propionate is considered the highest quality product among analogues. Schering’s products have existed for many decades, therefore the quality of their developments has been tested not only by many people, but also by time  

Testosterone Propionate is the link between the male sex hormone testosterone and the short ester propionate . This compound makes the drug the most sought-after and popular anabolic in the world of strength sports and beyond. Testosterone propionate solo course often serves as a starting point for beginners, since propik can give good results without causing any harm to the body. Testosterone d belongs to safe steroids, but nevertheless, one should not neglect the rules of admission and dosages, the anabolic has a rather strong androegnous effect, and therefore is prone to aromatization. 

The effect and results of taking Testosterone Bayer

For frequent use of propionate as an auxiliary, it means that testosterone propionate manifests its power to a greater extent in combined AAS courses. Single admission propionate , ie the course solo, do not bring you a large amount of muscle mass. When it enters the body, the substance is quickly released into the bloodstream and begins to act within a couple of hours after the first injection. The process of gaining mass usually occurs rather quickly, but in small quantities. For a 5-week course, you can expect an increase in muscles up to 6 kg, while the quality of the muscles will be greater than, for example, testosterone enanthate , water retention will be minimal, the muscles will become drier and more prominent.

Testosterone propionate is a favorite steroid of strength athletes in the pre-competition period. In the first because he is able to increase the athlete’s physical strength without increasing weight category. Second, the propionate ester is rapidly excreted from the body. Already 40 days after the last injection, traces of propionate use disappear from the field of vision of the doping test . 

Expected results:

  1. weight gain, drier and more embossed;
  2. increases muscle hypertrophy by increasing nitrogen balance;
  3. increased strength;
  4. increases secular activity;
  5. stimulation of IGF;
  6. accelerates the recovery of muscle tissue;
  7. stimulation of general tone and motivation.

How to take: course and dosage

Dosages of propionate , due to its fast half-life, do not exceed 100 mg per day, as a rule for maximum effect, it is enough to inject a steroid of 50-100 mg every day or every other day. Testosterone Propionate course lasts up to 6 weeks

80% of athletes use Testosterone Depot in combination with other AAS. In the course for drying, the best combination will be with drugs: Stanazolol , Parabolan , Masteron , Oxandrolone .     

Side effects

Reviews of testosterone Depot by Bayer Schering noted that actively suppresses the production of natural testosterone, which is excluded intake of HCG. Itching and irritation may occur at the injection site. The main ailment that most often occurs in athletes taking testosterone is gynecomastia. Breast enlargement in men is usually caused by the ability of testosterone to convert to estrogen, which also entails fluid retention in the tissues. Without overdosing, aromatization will be minimized, but still, for prevention, it is recommended to take aromatase inhibitors during or after the course, such as Anastrozole or Clomid . These drugs are also able to reduce the rollback phenomenon.