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ACHTUNG ! Attn: New Saxon Friends - Site Status

New Saxon Users:


NSX is being redirected to the NSM88 Forums while network techs investigate a hardware issue on the principle NSX server. We hope to have the issue resolved as soon as possible. We understand that this situation is very frustrating for loyal and passionate NSX users and to that end our technical teams are working hard to rectify this situation.

In the meanwhile, you will find many of your friends here at the NSM88 Forum as well as your moderator staff noted by their title of NSX Mod.

NOTE - Your New Saxon login credentials will not follow over to the NSM Forum and in such those that do not have an account here will need to create an account.

Thank you - NSX Team

--UPDATE-- Sunday 21st of Novemberr -->
Server hardware failure has been isolated and new hardware has been placed on order. Expect 48 hour down time.

Again, we understand that the NSX outage is frustrating to loyal NSX users and every effort is being made to expedite the work order.

--UPDATE-- Wednesday 24th of Novemberr -->

Dear New Saxon Friends:

It has come to our attention from the site management that some people are questioning why New Saxon is offline and others even demanding that "their site" be returned because they have no other way to communicate with various friends and even family! Wow, not one of the people placing such demands ever donated to the site nor have choose to opt in to a VIP upgrade package. While donations and upgrades are not mandatory one must know that if they love the community they should support such. New Saxon does cost money to operate, maintain and yes - to host. New Saxon uses heavy bandwidth, New Saxon requires professional IT staff to troubleshoot database errors, corruption and hardware failures that are common to such a larger infrastructure. As was stated earlier, New Saxon suffered from a HARDWARE FAILURE. In particular, a storage array failed and we lost daily backups do to the failure of the NAS. This happened at a critical time prior to a backup sync being set for daily and weekly images. We will be forced to restore the site from the emergency backup servers which will push New Saxon back in time by roughly one month.

So, the site was down just a few weeks ago. What gives? What gives is that the server New Saxon lived in died. It had a major hardware failure. New Saxon moved into a new, more powerful server. Unfortunately, the new server had a bad hard drive. Our techs worked very hard to recover data but the drive was fried. This BTW, happened prior to us being able to install our hardware RAID system as normally a drive failure would not be a big deal since it would have been mirrored on a minimum of one drive depending on the RAID type we use.

This is the situation in a nut shell. No conspiracy, no BS, no management fights, no disgruntled employees - just a plain old technical failure. New Saxon will be restored as stated but the emergency backup which lives deep in an old salt mine for safe keeping needed to be transferred once the new hard drives that were ordered were installed and the RAID system put into place.

New Saxon is a free site and service. If you would like to help fund full time staff, multiple backup servers and a rack at geographically strategic data centers please consider making a donation that would cover such costs. Otherwise, the site will be returned to operation at which time you will know by being able to access the social networking CMS.

In the near future, after the site is restored the software will be upgraded. Again, this is a free service made available to you and thousands of others. You may choose to support this site by donating to its existence. The software upgrades cost money, the maintenance does, the hardware does, the bandwidth does and so forth. If you love New Saxon, consider making a donation or upgrade your membership to a VIP package HERE.

Thank you for interest in New Saxon as well as your most loyal and genuine concern for this great online community.

Thank you - NSX Team

--------DONATION and UPGRADE LINKS-------->
Upgrades - Click Here
One time donations - Click Here

NOTE YOUR USER NAME IN THE NOTES AT CHECKOUT and the staff will make a Thank You for support thread at NSX & NSMF. Those that do not want to be made known may opt out from this however please note that you would not like your user name added to the list. That said, all those making Membership Upgrades must supply their ID as so their membership privileges / account may be upgraded according to their upgrade package they subscribe to.


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