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N9S Supports the NSM in Expelling Bill White

Hello, my name is Kevin Quinn; I am the party leader of the N9S Ė Britainís National Socialist party. I wholeheartedly support your commanderís decision in expelling White. After all, if he was a national socialist he would have stepped down if he could not follow a command decision.

About 1 year ago I was informed that one of my regional leaders was Gay, and that I should do an investigation. However, without proof, only heresy, I had no grounds to do so. But latter that year I was given certain information which allowed me to carry pout an investigation. After a six month investigation we found irrefutable proof that this person was Gay and living with a male partner of 14 years. I was honour bound to confront him with my findings but he never answered my calls or even bothered to defend or deny the accusations.

I wanted to find out if he was either (a) a predatory Paedophile or (b) Gay, either way; he was out of the organization, but being a fair man I wanted to give him the chance to account for his actions before I took action. He decided to try to smear me, (that was his first mistake) he then tried to destroy my organization, (that was his biggest and last mistake). People Can slander me, call me anything they like, but try to bring my organization down and I put the whole machinery of the N9S into battle to eradicate THE PROBLEM.

A handful of members said I was lying that he was not gay and tried to smear my name with ridiculous claims. I expelled the lot with out hesitation I f people want to wear a uniform then they need to act like soldiers and follow command decisions without question, even if they do not like the leaders decision they must follow orders.

Leadership is not glamorous we are at the forefront of the organization and we will and must always eradicate any person or persons who seek to destroy our good work, no matter how many it is, cut them out like a cancer and move on to final victory.

I Kevin Quinn, leader of the N9S, support the decision of your Commander wholeheartedly, as should every National Socialist within your movement, if they do not, then do you really need people that cannot work within the frame work of the NSM and its leadership principle? I think not.

In Aryan Loyalty
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