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NSM-Admin 17th November 2006 06:28

The Fight Is Now, Stand With Us Or Stand Against Us
The NSM Juggernaut cannot be slowed down, and the Honor, Duty, and Loyalty of the membership is second to none. While many others sit on the sidelines and the fence, we take it to the streets.

The NSM has no need for weak knee Coalitions, or Unity with those unwilling to take the fight to the enemy. The NSM welcomes those other groups & individuals willing to fight alongside of us, and we shun those unwilling to do what needs to be done. The time for games, socializing, and other childish rubbish is long behind us. Our Racial Brothers in Europe take it to the streets by the hundreds and sometimes thousands, facing down much worse laws and adversaries than what we have here in the U.S.

Still today, many here in the U.S., want to waste even more precious time whining about tactics, or how we should or should not take it to the streets, and the loudest whiners NEVER, EVER take it to the streets, or they simply brag about the good old days. I have news for all the has-beens, good old days people. If you are not willing to back the charge now, you had better get the hell out of the way. There is no room for losers in this battle, and if you are in your 20's or 30's and are only talking about the good old days that have passed you by, you are the loser! The battle is on NOW, and we have plenty of men, women, youth, and even Seniors willing to fight where the losers have already failed us.

Parts of today's U.S. Movement are much like deserters in times of war. They are being called up to defend their Homeland, but they would rather shirk duty and do nothing instead. With an endless line of excuses the cowards way, is always been the easy path to tread lightly upon, with many willing co-horts to join them, they get their strength in numbers, and their conscience bears little weight upon them as all their friends are there alongside of them doing nothing too.

The Path to Victory is not going to be a cake-walk, it will be a battle like no other. Steel your hearts and minds, and do not let anyone or anything deter you from what needs to be done.
I realize the facts I have stated above will upset and anger some people, GOOD! I expect it will anger some people so much they may even want to attack me, to shut me up, again GOOD! Anyone who hates the truth that badly will be quickly exposed for what they are.

" If you are not part of the Solution, you are part of the Problem! "

Commander Schoep/ NSM HQ

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