How to set up a configuration for CS:GO

Each user of Counter Strike: Global Offensive should have their own settings, which increase the efficiency of the game. Only to create their own configuration CS:GO – rather troublesome and not everyone can do it. Therefore, many gamers use a ready-made solution – configuration for CS:GO professional players. It is enough just to download CFG for CS:GO and install it correctly on your PC. In addition, you should study these CS GO cases

Immediately note that almost all configuration files for CS:GO are publicly available and you can download the best CFG for CS:GO absolutely free. What is CFG for CS:GO? It is a usual configuration file for storing the game settings, which contains all user settings that affect not only the result of the fight, but also the basic characteristics. For example, CFG for CS:GO allows you to select a comfortable mouse sensitivity, set the optimal resolution, brightness, sight, hand position and other key game settings.

Setting up CFG for CS:GO

If you wish, you can find archives of the best and download CFG for CS:GO, created by professional players. Today there is a CFG for CS:GO, which includes a variety of graphical and technical changes. In particular, designed for any type of weapon – separately for AWP and AK-47. Such CFG for CS:GO helps to destroy enemies more effectively by controlling each cartridge during clamping, as well as make single shots smoother and softer.

Please note that configuration files for CS:GO have the .cfg extension. To correctly set the CFG for CS:GO from an ordinary player does not require in-depth programming knowledge. You need to find and download the official CFG for CS:GO. Then you can use one of two ways:

  1. Automatic mode. Run the Steam application and go to the “Library” tab. From the list of games right click mark CS:GO and select “Properties”. In the new window go to the menu “Local files” and “View local files”. After downloading, open the csgo folder, select a file with the extension .cfg and change it to the previously downloaded CFG for CS:GO.
  2. Offensive\csgo\cfg and copy the file with the same extension from the archive to the game directory with the replacement of the existing one.

Regardless of the selected method, in order to save CFG for CS:GO you need to run Counter Strike: Global Offensive and in the console line write the command: exec config.cfg (where “config” is the name of the archive file with your CFG for CS:GO).

In conclusion, we would like to remind you that CFG for CS:GO is probably the most important part of the game. Since here you can find the settings for a comfortable gameplay management. Without certain skills, do not try to create your own configuration files – it is better to download CFG for CS:GO for professional players and enjoy the new settings Counter Strike: Global Offensive!

How to install CFG for CS:GO – tips for a beginner player

Counter Strike: Global Offensive is becoming more and more fans of the computer game in first person every day. As a result, regardless of gaming skills, all gamers want to simplify gameplay and improve shooting. To do this, you need to have your own settings (CFG) that improve the overall performance.

If you download the ready-made CFG CS:GO and install it, you will be able to reduce ping and increase FPS, as well as change the settings of the sight (size, shape and color), mouse sensitivity, set the optimal brightness and resolution of the screen, hand position and other important settings of the game. Just from scratch, creating a CFG in CS:GO is a very troublesome task and not every user can do it properly. Therefore, some novice players use the ready-made CFG in CS:GO of professional eSports. Also pay attention to this CS GO new case.